Gate codes have changed – those who have paid rent will be informed of the new code

We wish all of our members a happy new year and a prosperous 2022!

As is custom every year, we have updated the gate code on all of the gate padlocks and have sent communications to everyone that has paid their 2022 rent.

Please scroll to the post below for more information on paying your rent if you haven’t already done so.

Everyone for whom we have a mobile number; we have sent a text message with the new code. For others who haven’t given us a mobile number, but for whom we do have an email address, we have sent an email. For the remaining who have supplied us with neither, we have written to you.

If you believe you have paid your rent but haven’t received a message in any of the forms above, please email with your up to date contact details and John will be able to assist. Please be aware, he will be out of the country soon so may not be able to respond immediately.

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