More damage to polytunnels by uninvited trespassers – please check your plots asap

It seems like we have been visited once again by the little bored darlings who have caused damage around the allotments.

I urge EVERYONE to visit their plot, particularly if you have a polytunnel as some have been slashed. Randomly, I found an onion in mine the other day but I don’t have any in so they may also have uprooted some crops.

Please can everyone that thinks they have been affected by this ring the police on 101 (not 999, it’s not an emergency) to report the damage EVERY TIME it happens so that more is done to keep our allotments safe.

Additionally, can everyone be sure that the gates are locked behind you when you go in and go out, even if there are people inside.

If you head over to our Facebook page (and I strongly urge anyone who is a member of our association to join the group if you use Facebook) you will see photographs of the damage and some items that were removed from people’s plots.

Anyone who has been affected, or knows anything about these attacks is urged to report them to Durham Constabulary on the non emergency number 101 and please remember, if you don’t report it, it didn’t happen as far as the Police are concerned so please do let them know.

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