Contact Us

You can contact the Newton Hall Allotment Association using a variety of email addresses, depending on your message:

If you are contacting us to find out how to rent an allotment, please see So, you want an allotment… to read about time commitments, costs and how to apply.

Newton Hall Allotment Association is run by a volunteer committee and as such it may not always be possible to speak with a representative of the committee directly.

In such circumstances you may need to email us using one of the following email addresses:

NB: in order to use the whole email address, you must type after the @ (with no spaces)

Email (followed by
chair@To contact the Chairperson
secretary@To contact the Secretary
treasurer@To contact the Treasurer, for example to advise when rent payments have been made
adults@To report a safeguarding issue, for example where inappropriate contact has been made with a vulnerable person
committee@To contact the committee, for example to request something is discussed at the next committee meeting
enquiries@For general enquiries and messages, including for an update on waiting list positions

How to get to the allotments

To travel to the allotments it is worth pointing out some key features: We have 4 sets of gates, the West Gates, East Gates, bottom West Gates and bottom East Gates.

The two that are used most often are the West and East gates.

If you are driving to the allotments please use the West Gates as there is an area you can park just near to these, whereas the East Gates are accessed through Farnham Road which is a private residential street.

The red dots indicate where the gates are.


We also have a Facebook group for members, waiting list applicants and local people.

Please visit this link to our page or search for Newton Hall Allotments Association in Facebook and join the group.