Container Fire Day: Friday 21st August

Friday 21st August is the next allowable fire day in the calendar.

Please note! The forecast this Friday is for strong winds. Please take extra care to observe these guidelines to prevent being told to extinguish your fire

Su – Chair

Any members wishing to burn on their plots must observe the following guidelines:

  • Fires are only allowed in containers (no open fires)
  • Fires must not be left unattended and must be kept under control at all times
  • Keep sufficient water nearby to extinguish the fire if asked to do so or if it becomes out of control
  • Be aware of the weather and the direction of the wind – if it is blowing excessively or blowing towards residential properties you WILL be asked to extinguish the fire
  • Be aware of the ferocity of the fire: fires which are burning furiously may send hot embers into the sky which could fall on polytunnels or dry grasses.
  • Any fire deemed to be out of control will be ordered to be extinguished immediately and may involve the fire brigade being called.
  • Only dry materials are to be burned: this is because damp or wet material, including green plant waste, produces a lot of smoke and steam in the burning process.

The committee reserves the right to order any fire that is deemed to be dangerous or out of control to be extinguished immediately.

The next fire date following this is the week of 1st November – 7th November inclusive.

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