News & Information

30/03/2019: Manure

A consignment of cow manure has been delivered with a small amount delivered to the East Gate and a large amount delivered to the West Gate.

Manure is there for all members to purchase at 50p a barrowload (payable to Gerry or Keith, the Treasurer). If you would like to pay by bank transfer please contact to be reminded of the bank details.

Please take this as quickly as possible and be mindful of the neighbours; picking up any that is dropped along the way.

29/03/2019: Thefts

One plotholder has mentioned that he has had some things stolen, and that other members have told him that they have too.

We would like to remind all members to be vigilant with the locks and to remember:

  • Always lock and scramble the padlock when you unlock the gates – do not leave the padlock unlocked or unscrambled even if you know people who are following you in.
  • Don’t assume that other people are in the allotments and leave the gates open or unlocked for them: they may not even be going out by the gate you are using.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak to anyone who you don’t recognise. It is better that we all get to know each other and therefore can be more aware when there are uninvited visitors on site and new people will be happy to know you are interested in them.

As ever, if anything is stolen from, or willfully damaged on your plot you should report this yourself to the Police. That way they have a record of the incident and if the crime statistics start to spike they will put more effort and resource into helping us. If nobody reports anything they don’t know there is a problem.