The Shop

Members will know that we have a ‘shop’ available for members and associate members to buy certain items from at a reduced price. Please note, we do not stock seeds, tools or pots as these can be easily sourced from elsewhere and it is likely that you will pick up these items when you see them rather than placing an order with the shop.

Since Covid-19 struck the shop is no longer manned every Saturday and Sunday, and instead anyone wanting to make a purchase must contact Jim or John and place an order for collection. Please state what your order is, and your name and plot number and Jim or John will arrange with you when this can be picked up.

Please remember that unless someone is at the allotments at the time you want to make your purchase it is unlikely that you will be able to buy things on demand. Keep in mind that everyone that helps out at the allotments is a volunteer and is not at your beck and call, not all of the items listed below may be in stock and prices are subject to change.

Jim and John’s numbers are displayed in the hut window and will not be shown here for GDPR purposes.

Items available for purchase by members

Heavy Duty Black Plastic (4m wide)£1.95 / m
Blue Pipe£0.90 / m
Fleece (2m wide)£0.45 / m
Mesh Netting (2m wide)£0.65 / m
Weed Suppressant matting (2m wide)£0.90 / m
Onion Netting£0.05 / m
Tree Ties£0.10 each
Organic Fertilisers
Bonemeal£1.00 / kg
Calcified Plus (Seaweed)£1.05 / kg
Fish – Blood – Bone£1.20 / kg
Hoof and Horn£1.65 / kg
Chicken Pellets (loose)£1.20 / kg
Chicken Pellets (20kg bag)£21.00 / bag
Inorganic Fertilisers
Growmore 7-7-7£1.10 / kg
Sulphate of Ammonia£1.60 / kg
Sulphate of Iron£0.90 / kg
Sulphate of Potash£1.80 / kg
Superphosphate£1.50 / kg
Quick Lime£0.80 / kg

Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer and must be paid before the items are handed over.