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On the 31st October, 2015, Newton Hall Allotments were given ‘self managed’ status from Durham County Council.  This means that whilst DCC are still the landowners, we are free to manage our waiting list, allocate plots, conduct regular inspections and to set our own rents as opposed to paying the rates agreed by the Council.  This also means that our rules can differ to the ones laid out by DCC.

Please see the constitution document link below for more information.

Newton Hall Allotment Association Constitution

Rules for members

At Newton Hall Allotments Association we abide by the tenancy rules set out by DCC, however we also have enhanced some of these in order to ensure standards are maintained.

Each member is given a copy of the association rules when they accept an allotment, and currently the committee are reviewing the rules we issue to ensure they are up to date and accurate, and members will have an opportunity to vote on these at the AGM in November 2019.

Some Frequently asked Questions

Go to to make an application and to find answers to other questions you may have about renting an allotment.
As Newton Hall Allotment Association is self-managed we set our own rent payments.

for 2018-19 rents are as follows:

  • £40 - Full Plot
  • £20 - Half Plot
  • £10 - Quarter Plot

  • Rents are due by the 31st December each year and payments can be made in cash, by cheque payable to Newton Hall Allotment Association, or by bank transfer.

    The code for the gates is changed in January of each year, and will be divulged to members when payments are received.
    You can grow any types of fruit or vegetables that will grow in the UK. The range of things that will grow is extensive: we'll soon be adding pages to show you what you can grow and when, and how to get the best results.
    Any structure on your allotments must be approved by the Committee. The easiest and best way to do this is to forward your written / drawn plans to a member of the committee, or to
    You may not have a glass greenhouse; no glass is allowed on the site, but you could, having first sought permission in writing from the committee (, erect a polycarbonate greenhouse.
    You can plant fruit trees, but these must be on a 'dwarfing rootstock' meaning the tree will not exceed around one and a half metres (5 feet). This is to stop trees from growing too large which would mean the tree could be difficult to prune and could shade out neighbouring plots.
    Fires are only permitted on certain days of the year, and even then there are restrictions on whether the fire is 'open' or in an incinerator.

    This is because the allotments adjoin residential properties on two sides and we like to alert the residents when burn days are happening.

    For 2019 the burn dates are:

  • Sunday 24th February - Incinerator only
  • Saturday 9th March - Open or Incinerator
  • Sunday 10th March - Open or Incinerator
  • Saturday 26th May - Incinerator only
  • Friday 25th August - Incinerator only
  • Friday 1st November - Thursday 7th November inclusive Open or incinerator.

  • The committee will take firm action against any plotholder allowing a fire on any date other than these.
    Newton Hall Allotment Association is run by a volunteer committee and as such it may not always be possible to speak with a representative of the committee directly.

    In such circumstances you may need to email us using one of the following email addresses:

    NB: in order to use the whole email address, you must type after the @ (with no spaces)

    Email (followed by Purpose
    chair@ To contact the Chairperson
    secretary@ To contact the Secretary
    treasurer@ To contact the Treasurer, for example to advise when rent payments have been made
    adults@ To report a safeguarding issue, for example where inappropriate contact has been made with a vulnerable person
    committee@ To contact the committee, for example to request something is discussed at the next committee meeting
    enquiries@ For general enquiries and messages, including for an update on waiting list positions

    Thinking of applying?

    If you have decided to apply for an allotment, you will need to fill out an application on the Durham County Council website where you can see information on other allotment sites nearby. It may be necessary for you to sign up to the council’s Do It Online service in order to use this.

    Once you have registered or an allotment, the council send us an email with your details and we will respond within 48 hours by email to confirm receipt of your application.